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1. Sol Casino

Sol casino keyword

Free Sign-Up Bonus: 70 Free Spins ( Free Sign-Up Bonus Link )


First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €/$ 200 ( Registration Link )





2. Fresh Casino

fresh casino

Free Sign-Up Bonus: 20 Free Spins ( Free Sign-Up Bonus Link )


First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €/$ 500 ( Registration Link )






3. Jet Casino

jet casino

Free Sign-Up Bonus: 100 Free Spins ( Free Sign-Up Bonus Link )


First Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €/$ 1000 ( Registration Link )







Best Casino Bonus

Best Casino Bonuses UK

The best thing about signing up to an online casino site is getting a welcome offer, or even better again – a welcome package. The UK has some of the best casino bonuses available, and we’re here to help you find the perfect one. With so many different offers to break down, we want to make sure you understand everything there is to know about casino bonuses, so you can get the best one. Keep reading this guide for more information on the types of bonuses available, the wagering requirements you can expect, and if there’s anything you can do to ensure you continue to receive bonuses long term – the perks don’t have to stop once you use your welcome offer.

best casino bonus uk

We’ll be listing some of the best casino bonuses on offer from Hideous Slots recommended casinos, and letting you know everything you need to know about them. If you see one you like, you can click ‘Claim Bonus’ to visit the casino and make sure you get the casino bonus you want.

Each of the casinos listed below are licenced and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission – one of the most reputable regulatory bodies in the world, so you don’t have to be worried. Playing at these brands is a fair, safe, and secure experience. Choose the best casino bonus for you – we’re making it even easier.


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  • Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?
  • What Casino Bonuses Can I Expect?
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  • Live Casino Bonus
  • Free Spin Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Loyalty Points
  • Welcome Package
  • Best Casino Bonuses UK – Eligibility
  • Best Casino Bonuses UK – Wagering
  • What To Look For
  • Why Take a Bonus?
  • Ongoing Perks
  • Best Casino Bonuses UK – Exclusive Bonuses
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  • Best Casino Bonuses UK

Best Casino Bonus Offers UK

We keep track of casino bonus offers in the UK, so you don’t have to. Our offers are updated regularly in line with casino compliance, so you can be sure that the offer you see advertised is the offer you will receive upon signing up. We even have some exclusive offers – meaning you can only get this casino bonus when you click ‘Claim Bonus’ on our site, exclusive to Hideous Slots players.

💎 Best UK Casino Bonus Magical Vegas 💎 Best UK Hideous Slots Exclusive Bonus PartyCasino
💎 Best UK Live Casino Bonus Mr Vegas 💎 Best UK No Deposit Bonus LeoVegas
💎 Best UK Free Spins Bonus 💎 Best UK Mobile Casino Bonus VideoSlots

Why Do Casinos Offer Bonuses?

Put simply, casinos offer welcome bonuses so players will sign up. The UK is a competitive market, and each casino is competing with all other casinos, so there has to be something to make a casino seem attractive. If there were no welcome bonuses, there’s a good chance many players would never change casino after signing up. Through offering a welcome bonus, casinos know players will sign up, and will then see the full experience the casino is offering, hopefully giving the player a reason to stay.

💡 Remember: Offers cannot be combined with other offers. New customers only. 18+. T&Cs apply.

What Casino Bonuses Can I Expect?

There are a number of different casino bonuses available to UK players, some of which you’ll see in the list above. We’re going to explain the kinds of bonuses you might see, and help you make an informed decision on which bonus will be right for you. It’s important to have this information to hand when you do decide to sign up and take a new casino bonus offer, as some casinos offer multiple bonuses to choose from. You might find a casino that offers a slots bonus, a live casino bonus and a free spins bonus, but you will only get to choose one to use as your offer, so knowing how each bonus works will help you more than you realise, and ensure you find the best casino offer.

Here are some of the best 100% casino bonus offers:

Bonus Score
Free Spins
Magical Vegas 9.5 100% No Claim Bonus
Videoslots 9.4 100% No Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas 9.4 100% No Claim Bonus
PartyCasino 9.3 100% No Claim Bonus
LeoVegas 9.2 100% Yes Claim Bonus

Cash Casino Bonus

Jackpot Slot Machine

Ultimately, cash casino bonus offers are the best casino offers. These bonuses are quite simple to understand, and it’s all about the percentage when you are deciding if you want to opt for this offer. When we say the percentage, we mean the percentage match you will be given. So, if you have a casino offering a welcome offer of 100% up to £100, it means they will match 100% of your cash deposit – all of it. They will do this up to £100, meaning £100 is the largest amount of money they will give you. In even simpler terms – you deposit £100, and they will give you £100 to top it up.

A 100% bonus is the industry standard, but it’s not uncommon to see a lower match offer than this – for example, 50% up to £100. In this instance, the casino will only match half of the money you’ve deposited, and this is again up to a maximum of £100. So, if you deposit the £100 you deposited above, you would be given £50 to top it up. If you wanted to receive the maximum bonus of £100, you would have to deposit £200.

What is slightly rarer than a 50% offer is a casino bonus offer above 100% – although we really do stress that this is quite uncommon, and if you do see an offer that seems too good to be true (400% for example), you should do your research and be sure the casino is regulated and has been thoroughly vetted by someone like us. If, however, you did find a 200% bonus offer, you would be given twice the amount of cash you deposit as a bonus – so if you deposit £100, you would be given £300 to top it up. In this example you would only have to deposit £50 to receive £100 in bonus money.

Cash bonuses are some of the best casino bonuses available in the UK and can be used on slots. Additionally, they can sometimes be used in the live casino, but often this is not the case if there is a live casino bonus offer available (more on this below). As a result, you should check where you will be able to spend your bonus money beforehand. They come with their own edibility requirements and wagering requirements, but we’ll explain more about these below in the Wagering portion of this guide.

💡 Cash Bonus Offers must always be claimed with your first deposit.

Live Casino Bonus

Live casino bonuses will be easy to understand, as they work the same as a cash bonus. However, if you opt in to a live casino bonus offer, you will only be allowed to use the bonus funds you receive in the live casino. Again, these bonuses work on a percentage basis, and the percentage match along with the amount you have deposited determines the bonus funds you receive.

You should always be careful when you sign up to a new casino expecting to receive one of the best casino bonuses – if a choice is offered, be sure to read carefully and ensure you have selected the right offer. If you aren’t someone who usually plays live casino games, it could be quite disheartening to realise you can’t spend your bonus funds on slots, but if you are partial to table games or live game shows, this bonus offer could be the perfect one for you.

Live casino bonuses are slightly less common than regular cash bonuses, but the good news is some casinos will allow you to use your cash bonus on live casino game shows, and if they don’t it’s usually because they offer a live casino bonus, so if this is what you’re looking for you won’t be disappointed.

💡 You cannot use a Live Casino Only Bonus on Slots.

Free Spin Bonus

Whilst there is still a plethora of cash and live casino bonuses to choose from in the UK, many casinos have opted to change their welcome offers to a free spin welcome offer. Free spin bonuses do exactly what they say on the tin – the casino gives you free spins to play through. Free spins may be awarded on one specific game, or you may be given a choice of games – but you must use your free spins on one of the available games.

💡 Free Spins are still subject to wagering requirements, unless you’ve found a No-Wager Offer.

Free spin bonuses are usually awarded on the minimum available stake – either 10p or 20p per spin depending on the game. This may seem like a low stake, but for many players this is their regular stake, and we’ve seen a lot of people hit it lucky on their free games. If you’re given 100 free spins, there’s plenty of chances, and we know it only takes one spin.

Cash bonuses and live casino bonuses will also often come with an accompany free spins, although this will be less spins than a standalone free spin welcome offer – you may get 100% up to £100, plus 50 free spins for example, whereas with a regular free spin offer you may be awarded 200+ free spins.

We’ll explain more on free spin eligibility and wagering requirements below, but there’s some additional good news here – free spin bonus offers often come with no wagering requirements. That’s right, in these instances you get to keep whatever you win, which is what makes a free spin welcome offer one of the best casino bonuses.

Best Free Spins Casino Bonus

Free Spins
Mr Vegas Yes Mr Vegas Yes
LeoVegas Yes LeoVegas

No Deposit Bonus

Nothing in life comes free, right? Wrong! Many casinos in the UK offer a no deposit bonus, and it really is just that – a bonus that you get without depositing. There’s no fine print that you get your no deposit bonus after first depositing and losing, it’s just an additional perk that some casinos choose to offer.

A no deposit bonus will more often than not come in the form of free spins. This may be 10-15 free spins for signing up, or it may be free spins in exchange for verifying your phone number. Alternatively, you may be given this perk for referring a friend, and the friend may not have to make a deposit either.

Although the amount of free spins awarded is quite small in these no deposit bonus offers, it is literally a freebie, and it would be crazy to turn it down! Who knows what could happen in one of those 10 spins? If you lose, you haven’t had to deposit, and if you win, you sure you won’t regret taking the offer. No deposit offers are the most satisfying of our best casino bonuses.

💡Always claim your No deposit Bonus – who doesn’t love a freebie!

Loyalty Points

Some casinos operate a loyalty scheme, where players are rewarded for signing up and continuing to play at the brand. As you deposit and play, you earn points, and points are redeemable for cash once you have accumulated enough. For example, 1,000 points may be redeemable for £5 cash.

With that in mind, some of these casinos may offer a boost of 500 points for signing up. Although this isn’t an immediate perk, and isn’t something you can redeem there and then, it is definitely a nice extra. These loyalty point bonuses will accompany another offer, so it’s just something to be on the lookout for – there’s no point in ever turning any freebies down.

💡 Loyalty Points can be exchanged for cash or free spins.

Welcome Package

welcome package

Welcome packages are the holy grail of casino bonuses, and for good reason. A welcome package isn’t a different type of bonus, per say. Instead, it’s multiple bonuses from the list above, tiered across multiple deposits, meaning you can be rewarded the first, second, third and sometimes even the fourth time that you play. And the best news? Your bonuses aren’t affected by the fact that you’re offered so many – you still get great offers at each tier, with no requirement to take the offer following the one you’ve had if you don’t want to.

A welcome package can offer different types of bonus at each stage, or it may offer multiple cash or free spin bonuses. You may be given the following package:

  • First Deposit: 100% up to £100
  • Second Deposit: 50% up to £200
  • Third Deposit: 75% up to £150
  • Fourth Deposit: 100% up to £100

Alternatively, you may be given a package of 800 free spins, with 200 awarded across each of your four initial deposits. Or you may be given 2 cash offers and 2 free spin offers – it really does vary with each casino.

When a welcome package is available, you’ll be able to read about it and understand what is being offered prior to signing up, either by checking the T&Cs, relevant promotion areas, or by checking the banner on the homepage. Welcome packages are becoming rarer in the UK, so if you find a good one, we recommend snapping it up while it lasts. There’s a reason these are widely considered the best casino bonuses!

💡 Welcome Packages are tiered offers split across multiple deposits.

Best Casino Bonuses UK – Eligibility

Eligibility does of course vary with each casino, but there are some sure fire eligibility requirements you can expect, and we’re here to help. We’ve reviewed dozens of casino bonus offers, and part of that is reviewing the T&Cs, so we’re able to help you know what T&Cs you can expect, and what not to expect – it’s important that if you see something that isn’t quite right, you recognise it and can react appropriately.

❗️ Every Casino Bonus has eligibility requirements.

First, you must be 18+ to claim a casino bonus because you must be 18+ to sign up to a casino. Every Hideous Slots recommended best casino bonus is with a brand that is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Part of this regulation is that casinos are required to vet and electronically verify players upon signing up. If the casino cannot verify that someone is 18+ when they sign up, the account will be suspended until proof is offered, so there would be no point in anyone under 18 attempting to sign up.

❗️ Be sure to enter the correct details to ensure your sign up is seamless.

Secondly, you must be a new customer to claim one of the best casino bonuses we are discussing today. No one should ever attempt to get around this rule. Even if you have had an account with a casino in the past and it has been closed for multiple years you still will not be allowed to open a new one – you would have to reopen your old one. We know it can be disheartening to be a more established player that has maybe taken most of these bonus offers, but unfortunately you cannot sign up and attempt it again. There’s no need to feel too disheartened, though – further down this guide we’ll be discussing what you can do to receive ongoing perks and promotions. Best casino bonuses don’t just mean welcome offers.

❗️ Only new customers can claim a Welcome Offer.

Next, you must make a minimum deposit, except in the case of a no deposit bonus. If you have a cash welcome offer, live casino bonus welcome offer, a free spins welcome offer or a welcome package, you will usually always have to make a minimum deposit – normally £10 or £20. Casinos have to set a minimum for their offers but be sure to check what this value is before depositing, as you want to be sure you deposit enough to activate and trigger the bonus. Just because the last welcome offer you took had a £10 minimum deposit does not mean the one you plan to take next will – even if the casinos are part of the same overall brand.

❗️ You must meet the minimum deposit requirement to claim an offer.

Fourth, with the exception of welcome packages, you must activate each of these casino bonus offers on your first deposit. This is why the point above is so crucially important – if you deposit £10 on your first deposit and the minimum deposit to trigger the casino bonus is £20, you may miss out altogether. The functionality is not usually in place to roll this offer over to your next deposit, and it would be disappointing to miss out on a casino bonus as a result of not reading the small print.

❗️ Welcome Offers can only be claimed on your first deposit.

Fifth, keep an eye out for which payment methods are not eligible to claim the casino bonus offer. You may find that whilst e-Wallets are some of the most popular methods for gambling in the UK, they can deem you ineligible to claim the offer. If you’re usually an e-Wallet user and this is the case, you may want to consider a different payment method for your first deposit – maybe Visa Debit cards or Trustly Instant Banking if you prefer not to use your debit card.

❗️ Be sure to check your payment method is eligible for the offer you want to claim.

Speaking of small print – when you see a UK casino bonus offer advertised, you will always see small text underneath. These are known as Significant Terms, or Sig Terms, and they are important to read – they are called significant for a reason. There will usually be a longer list of terms available in the casino T&Cs or a specific bonus T&Cs page, but the Sig Terms are the terms the casino has determined to be the most important, so why would you not read them?

💡 Always read the Significant Terms – they’re there for a reason!

Of course, there will sometimes be additional terms to those listed above, which is why we recommend always reading Sig Terms, but for the most part, when it comes to eligibility (the first part of the Sig Terms), you can definitely expect to find the four points above true for any of the best casino bonus offers you see.

Finally, always be sure to check if there is a bonus code when you plan to take a casino bonus offer. This may be WELCOME, or in the case of an exclusive offer may be something like HIDEOUSSLOTS. Ensure you put this code in if it is required – you will find it in the Significant Terms.

Best Casino Bonuses UK – Wagering

As we said, the first part of the Significant Terms under each offer will explain eligibility, for example – “18+, new players only, min deposit £10, offer activated on first deposit”. The middle of the Sig Terms will explain the offer as briefly as possible, but the third part of these terms are where you really need to read carefully – the wagering requirements.

If you aren’t sure what wagering is, it is what the casino expects from you in exchange for giving you an offer, and it needs to be completed before you cash out. There are a few exceptions to this:

  1. Thanks to the UKGC, all cash casino bonus offers in the UK must be non-sticky. This means your real cash deposit must be held separately to your bonus money. If you win whilst you are still spending your cash deposit, you can withdraw. Withdrawing, even if you don’t withdraw your full cash balance, will forfeit your bonus, and remove any bonus funds from your balance. Outside of the UK bonuses may be sticky, where you are tied into wagering from the moment you withdraw.
  2. If you have received a no-wager bonus, for example no-wager free spins, you will be able to withdraw at any point.

If, however, you have activated a casino bonus offer that does have a wagering requirement, and you have lost your cash balance, you’ll find yourself playing with bonus money. At this point your wagering begins.

Wagering refers to the amount of times you must wager or ‘turn over’ the bonus money before it will be withdrawable. There’s no ‘one size fits all’, especially with different offers available, but a general rule of thumb is that wagering requirements on casino bonus offers between 25-35x is extremely fair, 35x is the standard, and between 35-50x is on the high side, but manageable.

Casino bonuses with low wagering requirements:

Free Spins
Claim Free Spins No Wager Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas 100% 35x Yes Claim Bonus
LeoVegas 100% 35x Yes Claim Bonus
PartyCasino 100% 35x No Claim Bonus
Videoslots 100% 35x No Claim Bonus

So, let’s say you took a 100% up to £100 casino bonus offer, and you had a balance of £200 after depositing – £100 real cash balance, and £100 bonus balance. As luck would have it, you lost your £100 real cash balance, and you’ve now entered into, and began spending, your £100 bonus balance. If your wagering requirement was 35x, you would have to turn that £100 over 35 times. Turning over just means spending, so it means you must spend £3,500. Each time you play a £1 spin, you’ve wagered £1, no matter how much you win in that spin. Be careful though, as many casinos have maximum stakes when in wagering requirements (usually £4-5, but this can be £2.50 if you made your initial deposit through an e-Wallet).

You are given time to get through your wagering – usually 7-14 days from the point of activation – this may be from the point when you made your deposit and activated your bonus, not from the point you entered into bonus money.

Once you have completed the wagering requirement, the bonus money moves into your real cash balance, and you’re free to withdraw. However, some casino bonus offers have a maximum withdrawal or a maximum conversion, so it’s worth checking this out before hand, to avoid being caught off guard.

Free spins that accompany a cash bonus offer usually come with their own wagering requirements and a withdrawal limit of £100, but if the casino bonus offer was just free spins this could be as high as £300 or unlimited. Cash bonus offers may sometimes come with conversion caps, which means you can only convert the amount of bonus money you received so many times. If you had a bonus of £100 with a 5x conversion cap, the most you can withdraw is £500.

Of course, the conversion will always be higher than the bonus, so there’s not much to complain about when you can withdraw in profit, but it’s something to be aware of when you’re hunting for the best casino bonuses.

Finally, be sure to check if your wagering requirement is on your bonus funds, or on your cash and bonus balance. A 100% up to £100 offer turned into a £200 balance may have 35x wagering on your £100 bonus balance, or it may have 35x wagering on the value of your whole balance. This would double the wager, so check that before starting so you know what you’re in for.

  • Wagering Checklist:
  • ✅ All cash bonuses have wagering requirements
  • ✅ Look for wagering requirements between 25-35x
  • ✅ Check T&Cs for the maximum stake
  • ✅ Check which games have the highest contribution
  • ✅ Know how long you have to complete wagering
  • ✅ Check if there is a conversion cap
  • ✅ Complete wagering
  • ✅ Cash out!

Best Casino Bonus UK Alternative Wagering Styles

The above is the most traditional wagering style, but it is not the only one. Alongside this, you may have a casino bonus where wagering must be completed before you receive your bonus funds, with no limit on your deposits.

With this example, you may receive a 100% up to £100 bonus, and deposit £100. You know you’re waiting on a £100 bonus, and your wagering could be 25x, but you don’t get your bonus funds straight away. This means you have to wager £2,500 before you receive your £100 bonus, but once you do receive it is not bonus money – it goes into your cash balance, available to withdraw immediately. With these offers you can usually make multiple deposits to complete your wagering, provided you do so within the time limit (normally 7-14 days). Withdrawing will forfeit your bonus.

Alternatively, you may have the above situation, but rather than waiting for you to complete wagering to give you your £100, you may be given £10 each time you complete 10% of the wagering. This option is even better again, as you can withdraw and forfeit your bonus whenever you would like, and you may have already claimed 50% of it when you do this.

ℹ️ If you wager before receiving your bonus you may be able to deposit multiple times to fulfil this wagering requirement.

Best Casino Bonus UK Game Contributions

Different games contribute differently when you take a casino bonus offer. Most slots will contribute 100%, but it is worthwhile to always check T&Cs as you will find that some casinos only offer 50% contribution on many of their slots. The contribution is unique for each casino, so our only advice can be to check the bonus terms, where a full list will be provided. If you cannot find it, contact Live Chat or the Support Team who will be able to assist you.

There are some slots you will more than likely have to avoid. Many popular slots are often excluded from wagering – this can include Lil’ Devil and Dead or Alive. Whilst some brands stop players from playing these games altogether when in bonus money, others do not stop you from playing, but you could be spinning for hundreds of spins at 0% contribution. The goal of taking one of our recommended best casino bonus offers is to turn your bonus into a withdrawal, so you always want to be wagering on 100% contribution games.

The contribution of table games and live casino games will vary depending on the bonus taken. If you have taken a live casino bonus offer the contribution will be much higher, whereas if you have taken a casino bonus offer that happens to allow you to wager on the live casino, contributions could be as low as 50%.

The advice is the same in this circumstance – check T&Cs, and if in doubt contact Support. If you cannot find the relevant answers in the Bonus Terms, you can check the site wide T&Cs and search for the words ‘wagering’ or ‘contribution’ by pressing CTRL+F on Windows or CMD+F on Mac.

ℹ️ You should aim to play slots which have 100% contribution when wagering, to maximise your chance of completing wagering and making a withdrawal.

Best Casino Bonus UK – What to Look For

We can’t tell you what you should personally prioritise when choosing a casino to activate a casino bonus offer, but here are some of the most important things to look for.

  1. Licence – UK players should only play at casinos licenced and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Casinos not licenced and regulated by the UKGC cannot offer services to UK players.
  2. Welcome Bonus – the best offers are tiered welcome packages, but you can find cash match offers, free spins, live casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and boosted loyalty rewards upon sign up.
  3. Wagering Requirements – these are mostly unavoidable, so be sure to keep an eye out for wagering 35x and below. Anything between 35-50x is slightly high, but still manageable.
  4. Game Selection – you’ll know what games you like, so check out the selection of games before signing up, using the search bar to check for your favourite games.
  5. Support – the best support is available 24/7 with a Live Chat.
  6. Payment Methods – casinos with a variety of payment methods are some of the best. None of us want to be limited in our options.
  7. Fast Payout – look for casinos offering same day processing, and fast or instant withdrawals for e-Wallets, or Visa Debit cards with Visa Fast Funds.
  8. Mobile App – if you like to play on mobile, why not look for a casino that offers a mobile app?
  9. Verification – keep an eye out for casinos that allow players to verify their documents upon sign up with Document Upload Areas, or via email.

Of course, all of the above might not be important for you, but those are some tips from us if you’re wondering what most people like to look for in a new casino, especially when hunting for the best casino bonus available.

📝 To maximum your enjoyment at a casino, make a list of your priorities and look for a brand that matches with the requirements at the top of your list.

Why Take a Welcome Bonus at a UK Online Casino?

Taking one of our recommended best casino bonus offers is a no-brainer. Some players opt not to take a casino bonus because they don’t like to be tied into wagering, but that’s the beauty of a UK casino bonus – you’re never tied in. If you’ve had enough fun with your real cash balance and you’d rather have a fresh start on your next deposit without wagering, you can forfeit your bonus and it will be removed from your account balance.

Of course, this option doesn’t make a lot of sense. Gambling is a source of entertainment, not a source of income, and free entertainment is the best form. When you’re in wagering, you’re spending the money you were given by the casino, and even if you complete wagering with only £50 left, you have beaten the casino, and there’s no greater feeling.

A casino bonus is worth money, which is why they come with wagering terms attached, and why they aren’t available on every deposit. They are a second chance on your deposit, a chance to prolong your enjoyment, and a chance to see a nice withdrawal. It’s a nice feeling when you reach the point in your wagering where your remaining wager is lower than your current balance – you know you’re getting a withdrawal, and you have something to look forward to whilst you’re already having fun. Even though wagering can seem high at times, people do complete it every day, and enjoy the challenge in doing so. Finally, you get a great chance when in wagering to try new games that you might not otherwise want to spend your own hard earned deposits on.

We would always recommend taking a bonus when offered, as it will never hinder you to do so. Even if you want to cancel it, it’s better to have that option than to have opted out at the beginning. Taking a bonus will never alter your RTP or the results you will see when playing, as all results are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG). Why would you not opt in to one of the best casino offers?

Best casino bonuses:

Magical Vegas Yes Claim Bonus
Videoslots Yes Claim Bonus
PartyCasino Yes Claim Bonus
Mr Vegas Yes Claim Bonus
LeoVegas Yes Claim Bonus

Best Casino Bonus UK Ongoing Perks

The great news is that the best casino bonuses don’t have to stop when you sign up. Many casinos are now offering ongoing promotions, offers, perks and loyalty rewards to keep players interested as time goes on. These perks can come in many forms, but the most common are:

  1. Cashback – we love cashback. It’s one of the best ongoing offers to come from a casino and can come in many forms. Some casinos offer a set cashback (maybe 10%) on all deposits (minus any withdrawals), credited 24 hours after deposit, provided your balance is less than a certain amount. Others will take a percentage of each win you receive (on every spin you take) and give it all back to you at the end of the week. Others again will top up every win you receive and give it to you at the end of the week, as a special bonus. No matter how it comes about, it’s nice to know there are opportunities to get weekly cashback from casinos, but it’s important to check in the cashback area, as you may need to opt into this. If you forget to opt in, it cannot be backdated, so be sure to do it as soon as you sign up.
  2. Free Spins – emails to alert you that there are free spins waiting on you are great to wake up to. Free spins will usually be on the minimum stake, but they’re free, and who doesn’t love a freebie?
  3. Match bonuses – the best of the ongoing perks, many casinos will offer weekly or random match bonuses, between 50-100%. In fact, some casinos have a structure in place each week, for example match bonuses on a Wednesday and Friday, and free spins on a Monday and Thursday. Other days might include spins on bonus wheels or loyalty upgrades, so be sure to check upon signing up for one of our best casino bonuses if this system is in place.
  4. Loyalty schemes – many of our recommended best casino bonuses belong to casinos that offer loyalty programs, where players can build points, progress through levels, unlock perks, and trade loyalty points for cash.
  5. Refer a Friend – if you have a friend considering signing up for the same casino offer you previously signed up for, be sure to check if the casino has a refer a friend system in place. You could receive cash or free spins for the referral.

Regardless of your favourite kind of perk, the best way to receive perks is to opt into marketing, to be sure you don’t miss an offer – often you only have a day to claim it.

Casinos with the best perks:

Other Bonuses
Videoslots Yes Yes Claim Bonus
PartyCasino Yes Yes Claim Bonus
LeoVegas No Yes Claim Bonus

Best Hideous Slots Exclusive Casino Bonuses UK

We recommend a number of casinos with some of the best casino bonuses available in the UK, and this includes exclusive offers – reserved specially for players signing up through Hideous Slots. Be sure to check our reviews and casino offers page to see the exclusive bonuses we have. Exclusive offers can include wager-free spins on popular games, or enhanced match bonuses. These offers may include a bonus code, but this will be included in Sig Terms, T&Cs, and our review if true.

💸 The best bonus is an Exclusive Bonus.

How Do Hideous Slots Review Best Casino Bonuses UK?

We begin to review the casinos with the best casino bonuses by looking at the bonus offer that is available to players. Once we’re sure the offer is worthy of recommendation, we check the licence. Every casino we recommend is licenced and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Outside of the UK, we recommend casinos licenced and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. As long as the casino has the coveted UKGC licence and a good welcome offer, we proceed to review it. We know not everyone will agree on their favourite casino – some might not like a casino because the live casino game selection isn’t great, while others don’t ever visit the live casino, so we like to offer a good selection for all players.

As a result, we offer written reviews on all of our recommended casinos. In our reviews we discuss the casino bonus offer, any wagering requirements, and any maximum stake or withdrawal limits that apply. After this, we discuss the support available – how much support is there, is there a Live Chat, and when is the support team available? We then include details of the licence – even though every casino we recommend is licenced and regulated by the UKGC we like to reiterate this in every review, so every player knows they are choosing somewhere fair, safe, and secure.

After the legal stuff, we discuss the game selection available – slots, providers, jackpots, bingo, scratch cards, Slingo, table games and live casino games. Finally, we discuss payment methods, withdrawal times, verification, and ongoing promotions.

Not every casino makes it into our recommended casino list, and not every casino is considered one of our best casino bonuses. All casinos we recommend will be safe and secure, properly licenced and regulated, and have a welcome offer we feel appropriately rewards players for signing up. All the details you need to choose one of our best casino bonus casinos will be available in our reviews, to allow you to make an informed decision.

  • Hideous Slots Casino Review Checklist:
  • 💎 UKGC Licence
  • 💎 Rewarding Welcome Bonus
  • 💎 Fair Wagering and Terms
  • 💎 Adequate Support
  • 💎 Game Selection
  • 💎 Payment Methods
  • 💎 Withdrawal Times
  • 💎 Verification
  • 💎 Ongoing Perks and Promotions

Best Casino Bonus UK FAQs

How do I claim a casino bonus?
You can choose one of the bonuses we consider to be one of our best casino bonuses by clicking ‘Claim Bonus’ beside the bonus on this page. Similarly, any other Hideous Slots recommended casino bonus can be claimed by clicking the same button. Once you have completed the sign up process your bonus will be ready to be activated.

Can I withdraw bonus money?
You can, but only after you have completed your wagering requirements, at which point your bonus money will be moved to your real cash balance. Any money still in your bonus balance cannot be withdrawn.

Can I claim bonuses on a mobile browser or on an app?
Yes, bonuses can be claimed on any device.

Which games can I play with a casino bonus?
You can play any games that load with your bonus balance when you have an active casino bonus, however we recommend checking wagering contributions and always trying to play games that contribute 100%. Some slots will contribute 50%, and some will contribute 0% but still be available to play. Table games may contribute as low as 50%, unless you have a live casino bonus wherein contributions may be higher.

Can I cancel a casino bonus?
Yes, you can cancel and forfeit your bonus at any time. If you win when playing with your real cash balance and would like to withdraw, you can forfeit your bonus, and your bonus money will be removed from your balance enabling you to withdraw. If you are in bonus money you can still forfeit, but your balance will revert back to £0.

Is a casino bonus worth it?
Of course – if it wasn’t worth anything, casinos would give them to everyone daily. The fact they come with wagering requirements and can be quite rare shows how much they are worth. It’s always better to take the bonus and forfeit it if you win and would like to withdraw than opt out and limit your experience.

Is a welcome offer the only casino bonus I can get?
No, most of our recommended casinos offer ongoing perks to players. You may be offered cashback, free spins, match bonuses or loyalty rewards. Alongside the opportunity to trigger these things randomly, a lot of casinos have a structure in place each week, for example match bonuses on a Wednesday and Friday, and free spins on a Monday and Thursday. Other days might include spins on bonus wheels or loyalty upgrades, so be sure to check upon signing up for one of our best casino bonuses if this system is in place. You may need to opt into this.

Do all casino bonus offers have wagering?
No! Some casinos offer bonuses of free spins with no wagering – and this includes Hideous Slots exclusive offers. These offers may come with maximum withdrawals, but up to that amount, whatever you win you keep – no strings attached.

Do I need a bonus code to claim a casino bonus offer?
You may need a bonus code to claim an offer, especially if you are claiming an exclusive offer. If you click ‘Claim Bonus’ on any of our recommended casinos you should not need a code, but there is no harm in typing the code in when making your deposit. If there is an associated code, it will be in the Significant Terms.

Can I get Free Spins in a casino bonus offer?
Yes – there are many casino bonus offers that offer a package of 250+ free spins, whilst there are others that offer a cash match offer, plus an additional, smaller amount of free spins. If free spins are what you really want, be sure to check above for our best free spins casino bonus offer UK.

Best Casino Bonuses UK

It can be overwhelming looking for a new casino, but there’s no need to panic. We only review casinos licenced and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission at Hideous Slots, and we provide reviews so you can be aware of things like the welcome offer or package, wagering requirements, stake or withdrawal limitations, support, game selection, payment methods, withdrawal wait times, verification, and ongoing promotions. We want to take the hassle out of finding the best casino bonuses, which is why we put this guide together.

There are so many great casino bonuses in the UK, and the choices can seem never ending, so don’t be afraid to shop around and try different bonuses until you find the casino you want to stick with. Don’t forget, the right casino for you is a great and enjoyable experience from the moment you sign up, regardless of if you win or lose.

💡 Always make sure you are adequately rewarded for signing up to a new casino.